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Are you tired of looking at the same old Kindle screensavers? Does that collection of cheap-looking fountain pen lids really get on your nerves? Well there might be a way to change all that.

The lovely people at the mobileread forum ( have come up with some great tools to help you hack your Kindle and upload any images you like (so long as they are .png and not more than 600x800 in size).

The type of hack you will need depends on the type of eReader that you are using. If you are using a Sony eReader then follow this link to the page on the PRS+ project for that device. If you are a Kindle user then read on.

***WARNING - anything that you do to your Kindle is at your own risk. If something goes wrong, no one will take the blame for you***

Saying that, I recently hacked my Kindle 4 and was amazed at how easy it was - once I realised that I had been using the wrong hack for hours, and that the right one would only take a few minutes.

First you need to work out which Kindle you are using. This will be easier if you have the most up-to-date Kindle (the Kindle 4 'non-touch') which runs Kindle OS 4.1.1. You can find out which version your Kindle is running by looking at the bottom of the page when in your settings. Like this:

Then go on over to to follow the six, simple instructions.

Once your Kindle is hacked you simply download and copy across the files in the instructions found here:

And hey presto! Your Kindle is hacked and the old screensavers are gone. You can choose more screensavers to download from this website, just click here.

If you aren't running Kindle 4.1.1, don't worry, you can still jailbreak, just follow this link to find out what to do for your device:,_3.x_%26_4.x_Kindles

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